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portrait: michelle+genevieve

It was so much fun photographing Michelle and Gen- both of them kept laughing, talking, and teasing each other (I had to interrupt them a few times so that I could get some shots! haha). Jokes aside, it was obvious that they have a wonderful friendship! And they were such good sports with the hot sun- thank God for the cool breeze- we all appreciated that.

Michelle and Gen are fun-loving, easy-going and very photogenic! It was a joy hanging out with them and capturing their friendship through the camera.

Michelle, it was nice to see you again and to get to know you better. Gen, it was awesome finally meeting you and getting to know you.

Thank you both so much for giving me this opportunity to practice my skills and for entertaining my wife 🙂

– Lindsay

You girls have such beautiful dresses! – D

Love your ring, Michy- D

Sorry, Gen, we couldn’t resist it was such a cute pose!

Love Gen’s hair!

You girls are so beautiful! Thanks for giving us this opportunity… Although all I did was talk this time 🙂 It was awesome catching up after so long! Hope you girls like the photos. We should catch up again. -Daniella

Love – Lindsay & Daniella


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